Vanilla Black Myrrh Stick Incense


Sensual Incense – 20 Incense Sticks – Incense Offering – Housewarming Gift – Love Incense

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Incredibly deep and sensual.

These incense sticks are¬†loved by both men and women for it’s heavenly notes. Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, musk, black myrrh, and sweet lavender absolute.

The beautiful rich vanilla myrrh smoke will add a superb touch to your romantic evenings, yoga practice, or just to scent your home with a lovely aged banquet.

For the true lover of vanilla fragrances, this scent is the perfect addition. I find that I reach for this incense so much of the time. It truly has a unique and vibrant fragrance and the smoke is laden with the thickness of the amalgam of scents.

Each stick lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.

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