Solid Perfume Locket – Glitter Cabochon


Beautiful solid perfume locket with choice of glitter cabochon and fragrance.

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Twinkling, elegant glass and glitter shine and sparkle in the lowest of light. A large 30mm x 40mm glittery glass cabochon is set into this vintage-style antique brass perfume locket. The necklace is 24″ long and you have your choice of color for your cabochon! You’ll be the star of the party.

*NOTE* The pan of solid perfume is glued securely into the locket, but you can gently remove it with a little elbow grease. Simply glue your refill into place. The color of the cabochon shown on the locket in the photos is Caribbean.

•Comes with a 24″ brass plated chain necklace.
•Your choice of perfume from my fragrance library.
•Spectacular against any color sweater, shirt, or dress.
•Can be refilled with your favorite solid perfume which is available in my shop as well.
•Choose your favorite color as the focal piece.

If you’re looking for the refills for this necklace, visit this link:

Please choose one of the following solid perfumes for your locket via the drop down box.

BETTY: The ultimate Christmas season fragrance. Your favorite woolen scarf on a cold winter’s night with softly falling snow, sweet notes of vanilla wafting past a glistening stand of Scottish pines, a small burst of cinnamon and nutmeg.

GOOD MOURNING: Rain and white flowers dance near lavender and moss, the lingering amber of aftershave.

OH MY DARLIN’: Sweet clementines (what else?) and steamy griddle cakes with notes of fresh cut wood entwined with a base of velvety vanilla and sandalwood with just a touch of smoke.

1863: Delicious cranberry sauce followed by smoked vanilla, deciduous woods, daybreak at camp, mystery and musk.

MYSTIC THICKET: Dark, thick aged patchouli, fresh sandalwood, spiced musk and cedar, a magical drop of lavender and vanilla.

MADELL: Very green, sparkling, and clean fragrance on a base of the lightest and sheerest musk and vanilla.

PAULITA: Dusty and dew kissed pink roses, leather saddles and holsters, flouncy rainwashed petticoats.

PARLOUR GAMES: Spiced pears and vanilla, the intoxicating deliciousness of sweet drinking chocolate and tea, the modest hint of dried flowers and balmy woods.

COURTESAN: Sweet vanilla and soft musk swirl together with just a touch of sugary cotton candy.

FULL MOON: Bright, bubbling notes of vanilla and champagne.

BEDCHAMBER: A warm, spicy fragrance with notes of vetiver, bergamot and patchouli with a creamy undertone. Loved by both men and women.

LIME BERRY: Sweet and fresh limes and berries on a bed of decadent pure vanilla.

RAVEN MAD: Sinful spiced pumpkins, harvest bonfire, sandalwood, and copal.

THE EARTH IS MY BODY: Deep vetiver & patchouli. A touch of smoke and warm summer flowers wound around humid dark black earth & moss.

THE COSMIC DANCE: First release in the Harold & Maude Perfume Collection! The Cosmic Dance perfume is deep and dark, but not sinister. Dark chocolate, vintage wooden musical instruments in a cedar chest, Egyptian incense, and aged patchouli.

CLOAKROOM: Are there secrets in the cloakroom? A tangle of senses. Tea splashed on a woolen overcoat. Almond cake & vanilla frosting mingling with ornately carved wood and soft velvet curtains. Well worn leather and spicy ambered cologne on a dangerous bristled neck. If these walls could talk…

STARFINA: Turquoise waves & salted sea water, thunderstorm, soft earth, driftwood.

SERAPHINA: Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, clean cotton in warm summer sunshine, and the whisper of angel wings.

FAIRY GARDEN: Beautiful blend of white gardenia, cinnamon, clove, rain, and nutmeg.

ROSY POSY: Intoxicating pink, white, and red roses taken from a lush English garden in full bloom with just the faintest traces of sensual vanilla to anchor.

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