Rosy Posy Rose Perfume Oil


Vanilla Rose Rosy Posy perfume oil.

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Rosy Posy

~ Sweet roses, luscious vanilla ~

During the opulent Victorian era, flowers were used to convey sentiments and feelings to the recipient. As a result, this “language of flowers” was very significant in its prime. People used blossoms to send beautiful messages of love, like, and longing as well as messages of disgust, rejection, and caution. Roses meant different things based on their color. Furthermore, petals in full bloom might have signified something different than fragile new buds. Inspired by a lush English garden in full bloom, Rosy Posy perfume is a devoted blend of intoxicating pink, white, and red roses along with just the faintest traces of sensual vanilla to anchor.

This fragrance is featured as a solid perfume in the beautiful work of Jessica Galbreth, under Lockets.

This perfume oil perfume oil is available in an amber dropper bottle or a glass roll on bottle. Both bottle styles are 1/3 oz. Choose yours via the drop-down menu. Please, keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures for best results.

Made with high quality essential oils and phthalate free and nitro musk free fragrance oils in sweet almond oil.

Thank you.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in

Dropper, Roll On

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