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Mary Mint Perfume Oil – Edwardian Lady Inspired


1/3 oz Roll On, English lavender, mint, citrus, falling snow, Turkish Delight – Edwardian Fragrance


She’s a little cold, but her warmth is not absent…

A sweetly cool melange of frosty mint, bright citrus, heirloom white rose, snow, and a touch of warm English lavender & Turkish Delight. Not your average mint perfume.

This mint perfume oil will come to you in a 1/3 oz glass roll on or dropper bottle. Please see listing photos to see differences between the bottles. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures for best results.

Made with high quality essential oils and phthalate free and nitro musk free fragrance oils in a base of sweet almond oil.

This item will ship First Class or USPS Priority Mail in the United States and First Class Mail to Canada and everywhere else.

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in