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Camper’s Pal was made with campers & outdoors people in mind.

Camper’s Pal Citronella Soap is┬áspecifically made to repel insects, so it is perfect to take camping or to use before hiking or other activities that take place outside.

Keep a bar at your campsite, in your pocket, or any way you can think to use this handy bar of handmade citronella strong insect repellent soap.

You will receive a 4.5-5 oz bar of our Camper’s Pal Hot Process Bastille Soap which is made only with essential oils. The blend includes citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and other delicious oils to create a bug repelling bar. The dominant note is definitely citronella!

Made with 75% Olive Oil with Coconut oil & castor oil, essential oils.

This is a handmade item and each bar is slightly different.

These bars last a very long time, but we suggest cutting them in half to prolong their lives to the fullest extent. Cutting them in half also makes them easier for smaller hands to handle.

Our new Bastille soaps are a vegan recipe with essential oils or pthalate & nitro musk free fragrance oils. Bastille is soap which includes 70% or more Olive Oil in the recipe. Hot process soap has a primitive or rustic appearance, but is every bit as wonderful as cold process soap.

We DO NOT use Palm Oil in any of our products!

You will receive one boxed and labeled bar of soap. Any other items in the above photos are props only.

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Thank you.

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