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Deep Bourbon Vanilla and powdery sweet violets are married brilliantly in this skin-loving bar of handcrafted soap. There is really nothing like vanilla. It’s provocative, rich, and heady. It blends with almost any fragrance and is well loved by men and women alike. Violets are sweet and powdery and harbingers of dewy springs. When blended with this amazing vanilla, it becomes a lovely bouquet.


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•Made in small batches with olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, fragrance, and mica.
•Vegan formula.
•Long Lasting bars when stored properly after use.
•Intoxicating scents of Madagascar vanilla and sweet violet.
•Palm Oil FREE!
•Dusted with beautiful coppered-brown mica for extra snazziness. (This will wash away after several uses).

Bourbon Vanilla Violet Soap is a handmade product, therefore every bar is slightly different.

These bars last a very long time, but we suggest cutting them in half to prolong their lives to the fullest extent. Cutting them in half also makes them easier for smaller hands to handle and makes them a perfect size to use as guest soaps as well.

Our new Bastille soaps are a vegan recipe with essential oils or phthalate & nitro musk free fragrance oils. Bastille is soap which includes 70% or more Olive Oil in the recipe. Hot process soap has a primitive or rustic appearance, but is every bit as wonderful as cold process soap.

We DO NOT use Palm Oil in any of our products!

If you are looking for custom orders for events such as weddings and baby shower gifts for guests, please send me a message! I am able to customize labels and products for your event. Let me know what you have in mind!

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