1863 Thanksgiving Perfume Oil


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1863 Thanksgiving Perfume Oil

1863 perfume oil will come to you in a 1/3 oz glass dropper or roll on bottle. Choose your bottle size via drop-down menu.

Our country was in the middle of a terrible Civil War in 1863 which would continue for two more years. 1863 was also the year in which Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a date of national Thanksgiving in November. Side by side, those two facts seem so counter-intuitive and yet they are and will remain etched in our history.

Many of the photographs and ephemera that remain from that era tell brutal truths about the ways of life and death in those harsh days. There is no doubt that 1863 was ripe with hardship, strife. However, somewhere in there also lies many simple truths, ordinary days and feasts with family and friends.

My mind often wanders into a land of daydreams that writes stories for people in pictures, borders on synesthetic mania and “sees” scent and/or color in memories. The faces in old photographs are more than just nameless lost souls. They lived, loved, laughed, cried. They probably meandered about this planet with more mundane thoughts than they did great ones. In those days, like today, many people in love were ripped apart by war, some were reunited, weddings, births, deaths and togetherness.

Made with high quality essential oils, phthalate free and nitro musk free fragrance oils in a base of sweet almond oil. Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures for best results.

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