Artisan Perfume Oils

Perfumes in this category are made with¬†essential oils, phthalate free fragrances. Please see my Artisan Natural Perfume section for all of my perfumes that don’t contain synthetics.

Artisan Perfume Oils For You…

Many of these artisan perfume oils are inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian era, some by people and ancestors, yet some are inspired by my favorite stories or movies while Madell and LeOrpha were created based on two of my ancestors whose lives made a strong impression on me.

I love to blend fragrances to showcase how moments, memory, and people can leave an indelible impression. Currently, most of these fragrances are made with blends of essential oils, concretes, and absolutes along with fragrance oils. Most noteworthy, LeOrpha is the first in a developing line of natural perfumes made with only natural components.

Hazel Fern Scents РAn Optical + Olfactory Banquet also creates a line of perfume oils and solid perfumes for the wonderfully talented artist, Jessica Galbreth at The Vintage Angel.

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