Welcome to Hazel Fern Scents!

Hello & Welcome to Hazel Fern Scents – An Optical and Olfactory Banquet.

Hazel Fern is inspired by sweet & fleeting moments, days of old, the comfort of hearth and home, strong women, & the natural world all around us.

The Hazel Fern Scents line of artisan perfumes are all blended by hand using essential oils and phthalate free fragrances. They are heavily inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian era, memory, and ancestors. A few of my perfumes are featured as solid perfumes in lockets made by Jessica Galbreth of The Vintage Angel.

Soy wax candles, soy wax melts, incense sticks, handmade soap, artisan perfumes and more are available in the shop.

Hazel Fern Scents products are also available in person at the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan. Johna’s shop #767.

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I also have a shop which sells all of my artwork, signed copies of Higher Intuitions Oracle, and custom printed gifts! Visit at www.HootsGallery.com

Thank you for visiting!

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